Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I am a Fan of Coupon Finds on Facebook!

Many companies have jumped on the bandwagon of social networks and finding fans.  Some of those companies are offering coupons for free product or cents off coupons.

Facebook is offering all kinds of deals: Nabisco, Skittles, Eggs..... The list gets longer every day.

I got a coupon for buy one dozen get one free dozen eggs, buy 1 milk and 1 package of nabisco cookies and get a free pack of cookies (which I piggybacked with a coupon for free milk... so I got 4 packs of cookies and 2 gallons of milk for $5.00!)

Search for your favorite product and see if the company has developed a fan page.  You will then see tabs on the top and one can say "coupons"  (Skittles just said "Coupon the Rainbow").  And voila I have a buy one get one free coupon for skittles to help me through some long meetings!!

Post your finds... we all want to network on Facebook!

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