Sunday, September 5, 2010

Case Lot Sales

Here's a link to KSL report of the case lot sale going on right now at Harmons.  Nice to know I am considered frugal and not cheap!

Case Lot Sales for Frugal Customers

I urge you to go to the Savvy Shopper Deals website to see what items are considered WOW and GREAT prices!   The case lot prices will be up in a few days.  Sale is from Monday, August 30th - Sunday, September 19th

I will keep you updated if I find some great deals!

Discontinued Products

So I am at the store on Saturday looking for my Scrubbing Bubbles Wipes as this tool is something my teens can handle as they clean the bathroom and they are NO WHERE to be found on the shelf.  This disappoints me greatly as I have a $.55 off COUPON for them!  As I am discussing this issue with my husband an employee walks by and says "oh, they discontinued that in August so we took them off the shelf and put them on the cart in the back of the store."  I hurried back there to find 1 container left.  I leave the store with my one container and now wonder which product I will use.

I really enjoyed this product... have you had products that you use that have been discontinued and you then had to switch to something new?  Let me know your thoughts... I am wondering if it is worthy of a call to the company to complain.