Sunday, June 27, 2010

13-year-old's honesty

So we are sitting in church today and I am listening to the speaker and my son leans over to me and says "Mom, your feet make you look old, but you aren't old".  WOW!  He said that my heels are what makes my feet look old.  I must be in BAD shape if my 13-year-old son notices!

I tried a free sample of CurĂ©l® foot cream that I had been given but it only lasted a day as it was just a sample.  I don't have a lot of time to soak and scrub (though I do scrub them in the shower daily) or to get weekly pedicures (and my nails still look really cute).  Anyone got any great ideas for me to have "young" looking feet????? 

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Well, Duh! You need to know about this!

I forgot to share this!

Last week Treg & I were responsible for "group date night" (June 19). So we held a "House Party" I don't even remember how I found out about this site but I signed up to become a host of the "Thrill of the Grill Hot Dog House Party™". It was sponsored by Oscar Mayer. We were chosen to be the hosts and it coincided with our date night!

They said there were going to send me a gift pack and linked up to party favors and activities. I was THRILLED when I opened the box and there was napkins, plates, a large bottle of Heinz Ketchup, frisbees, soft baseballs, and WEENIE WHISTLES! There were also coupons for free hot dogs and $.75 off Heinz ketchup! For those who know me know that I was more excited about those than anything else. FREE OSCAR MAYER HOT DOGS - the ANGUS kind... it was AWESOME!

So, we invited the "gang" and decided to hold a picnic up Provo Canyon. I made potato salad (yummy recipe, I will share if you want me to), and others brought side dishes. We went to WalMart (yes, because it was the closest) and paid $.63 for 7 packs of the Angus Hot Dogs... they retail for over $3.00 per pack.

We had an awesome time... had 12 people there... and with a light breeze, the grill sizzling and frisbees flying (and we did lose one in the bushes, Scott P. is not the best catcher, apparently) I thought it was a great evening for all - here we are blowing our Weenie Whistles!

Click Here for a link to the You Tube video of the jingle played by my friends on their Weenie Whistles!

This House Party thing has many types of get together opportunities. I am considering a couple more... let me know if you want to come.

BTW, I am not getting compensated for this other than an excuse to spend time with friends (that's always good) and free stuff to share. I was able to give away all the coupons for free hot dogs (except for the 7 I used) and $.75 off Heinz Ketchup coupons as well as the frisbees, baseballs and weenie whistles. I have my Prepared Pantry FULL of ketchup and don't need any more!

Amish Time

I heard this concept at the EVO Conference yesterday and I want to implement it... it's called Amish Time. With technology coming at us (possibly the term bombardment comes to mind) taking time out to get away from technology is a good thing. The woman presenting the idea said they turn off electricity (TV, computers) including THE LIGHTS! I remember having a few dinners when my kids were little by candlelight and they liked it then.

Now that my 4 kids are teenagers and all having the ability to text, this concept may be met with some resistance but I really want us to do it. Now... to find the right day to do this... maybe from midnight to 6 a.m. Saturday - Sunday? Yeah, that one would work. Wait! We do this already!

I challenge you to try it too and let me know how it goes.... I'll follow up when I do it.

Friday, June 25, 2010

New Partner!

Deals to Cherry Hill, Cowbunga Bay and more!

Check this out! I just learned about CityDeals and they are offering an exclusive promotion that only last until midnight tonight! In case you don’t know, CityDeals sells local and national certificates and gift cards at up to 50% off. Reduced priced certificates allow you to visit various restaurants, entertainment events, spas, hotels, clothing stores, movie theaters, and more. City Deals has a wide array of deals available every day without the hassle of group buying!

Since learning about this site, one of the things I like best is the ease and convenience of shopping online. While they offer great deals of the moment that are usually time-sensitive, I can go on at anytime and find a killer deal to local and national brands that I love! Plus, they give me an excuse to try new places without investing a ton of money! I can also find great gifts for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and during the holiday’s for my friends and family without actually spending a ton of money, but it looks like I’m being very generous!

Hop on to their site and check out their latest deals, including discounts to Cherry Hill, Cowabunga Bay and Spare Time Family Fun Center (Roy) and a ton of other places where you can send the kids to keep them entertained this summer! The Cherry Hill deal is 50% off a combo pass. Get two tickets for only $24! Wow! Cowabunga Bay has a cool deal on the site, too: 2 day passes for only $23. 50! Even better, they have a coupon code that was only sent to their Facebook Fans. You can get an additional 15% off the ENITRE SITE, including the deals I mention. Just use promo code FACEBOOKFAN during checkout. And be sure to become a fan of the page because there will be more exclusive deals soon! Use the code today because it’s only good until midnight tonight!

Happy deal shopping!

Cherry Hill

Cowabunga Bay


More great Info!!

Right now my favorite presentation was by Lisa Leonard ( and she made these points - again, applicable to business, my PTA position and life in general:

1. Find something you love and do that
2. Be genuine
3. Be consistent
4. It is good to have new and fresh ideas – be different
5. Take time out to relax, it will help get the creative juices flowing again
6. Listen to others with their honest feedback - you might be surprised at what others can see and how that can help you become a better (business, volunteer, person)

I will keep you posted!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm Tired but Inspired!

I am tired. Yes, I fell that I have run out of batteries! I am involved in many things in my life and have gotten ready to hit a wall. I went to Memphis, Tennessee a couple of weeks ago for a convention, 4 teenagers are running in 4 different directions every day this summer and in general, life is happening. My energy has been sapped... until tonight.

I am having a WONDERFUL opportunity to attend a conference at the Canyons Resort in Park City called EVO - The Evolution of Women in Social Media. Today's Mama is the group that has spearheaded this event. There are approximately 200 attendees who are almost all bloggers - most of them sharing mommy experiences. It is quite the "social event". Tonight's keynote speakers had some amazing stories to tell and I was inspired in different ways be the four women. Lessons I learned:

1. Don't judge others - I haven't walked in these women's shoes. One comes from extreme poverty, one is a writer, one has had some issues with eating disorders and one lost a 17-month-old child. Had I randomly bumped into these women I might not ever think that they had a remarkable story to tell. I might judge them based on looks or age, or married status. After listening to them I am more than ever determined to make one of my weaknesses, judging others, disappear from my life.

2. Showing genuine vulnerability is better than false strength - I might look like I am confident and can do anything I set my mind to, but there are times in my life that I am so unsure and scared. I am taking a big new step in my life with a new volunteer position and I am truly scared spitless. I am going to admit that I am scared and will make mistakes instead of pretending that I know it all. I am hoping that others will acknowledge that I am not pretending I am something I am not.

3. Focusing on others can take us through the darkest of times - I was completely inspired and touched by the messages of the keynote speakers and another overriding theme was to focus on others instead of myself. I do that in my life, generally, but sometimes I forget that I am the happiest when I forget about myself and my problems.

I know this blog isn't typical with what I have posted before, but it was what has affected me today. I am sure I will learn more about blogging, business, and me personally as the next two days move forward.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Emergency Preparedness Tip

Now might be the right time to stock up on some supplies your family may need for emergencies. Camping supplies are going on sale with the summer season and many of the items can be used in an emergency as well. No matter where you live you should try to store the following items:

Water (large container plus small carrying containers)
Sleeping Bags

Keep an eye out and let us know where you find good deals... Target has some great summer sales!