Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm Tired but Inspired!

I am tired. Yes, I fell that I have run out of batteries! I am involved in many things in my life and have gotten ready to hit a wall. I went to Memphis, Tennessee a couple of weeks ago for a convention, 4 teenagers are running in 4 different directions every day this summer and in general, life is happening. My energy has been sapped... until tonight.

I am having a WONDERFUL opportunity to attend a conference at the Canyons Resort in Park City called EVO - The Evolution of Women in Social Media. Today's Mama is the group that has spearheaded this event. There are approximately 200 attendees who are almost all bloggers - most of them sharing mommy experiences. It is quite the "social event". Tonight's keynote speakers had some amazing stories to tell and I was inspired in different ways be the four women. Lessons I learned:

1. Don't judge others - I haven't walked in these women's shoes. One comes from extreme poverty, one is a writer, one has had some issues with eating disorders and one lost a 17-month-old child. Had I randomly bumped into these women I might not ever think that they had a remarkable story to tell. I might judge them based on looks or age, or married status. After listening to them I am more than ever determined to make one of my weaknesses, judging others, disappear from my life.

2. Showing genuine vulnerability is better than false strength - I might look like I am confident and can do anything I set my mind to, but there are times in my life that I am so unsure and scared. I am taking a big new step in my life with a new volunteer position and I am truly scared spitless. I am going to admit that I am scared and will make mistakes instead of pretending that I know it all. I am hoping that others will acknowledge that I am not pretending I am something I am not.

3. Focusing on others can take us through the darkest of times - I was completely inspired and touched by the messages of the keynote speakers and another overriding theme was to focus on others instead of myself. I do that in my life, generally, but sometimes I forget that I am the happiest when I forget about myself and my problems.

I know this blog isn't typical with what I have posted before, but it was what has affected me today. I am sure I will learn more about blogging, business, and me personally as the next two days move forward.


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  2. Glad you enjoyed our keynote Lisa! It was an honor to share the stage with my fellow speakers as we told our stories. This is what I love most about social media, that it gives us the opportunity to make a difference and help inspire others :-)