Monday, March 8, 2010

4 Weeks - Still Going Strong

We have survived now for 4 weeks without a job. I have changed my thought process significantly and the following things have happened:
  • The shopping trips are lighter, quicker and cheaper
  • The process of determining wants vs. needs is actually easier (though not fun)
  • The thought process of any purchase is much longer
We have spent about $120 in groceries (I did splurge one week to get the cereal that we didn't need immediately, but I can't resist a good deal and urge to continue to build my prepared pantry) which is significantly less than I used to spend.

I was able to make a birthday cake for my brother-in-law that didn't cost me a dime since I had all ingredients and supplies on hand. If you can't tell it is a construction cake with a hard hat and bricks.

I did spend a good chunk of change on Girl Scout Cookies as I had committed to that purchase before the job loss.  It felt good to help out a worthy organization and my family certainly loves the splurge (if they can find my secret hiding place for them).

This experience is tough but I count my blessings as my children are teens and have made a conscious effort to not ask for things they know we can't purchase right now.  They are making sacrifices each day and I praise them for doing that. 

Even with our situation I know that there are others across the world and nation that are in more dire circumstances than we are and I appreciate those friends and family members who continually give us moral support.  We will find a job... I have faith it will happen soon.

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