Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Find the Best Prices!

I hate when I HAVE to go to the grocery store for just a couple of items.  Inevitably I will go to the store that has the highest price on those few items I need.  If you live in Utah, Savvy Shopper Deals has the best tool available.  Type in the item you are looking for and the wizard spits back at you (thankfully not with real spit) the store(s) that have that item on sale.
Today I have to shop for Pam cooking spray, flour tortillas, diet coke and eggs.  I know, random things.  The great part is that the wizard shows you how much you are saving if the item is on sale and it will match the item to an existing coupon, if available.

Alas, none of my items are on sale so I am just going to have to hit a store on my way to other errands.  Oh, but looking through my Costco coupon booklet I see there is a Pam coupon for $2.50 off a 2 pack (12 oz ea).  So, not knowing what Costco's price is, I will need to pop in (does one ever just run in and out of Costco?) and check out the price.  It happens to be on my way to other errands today (lucked out on that one).

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