Friday, October 9, 2009

Placemat Purses

I am helping some ladies at our neighborhood Super Saturday tomorrow to make these cute bags! Depending on how you decorate them, they can be very inexpensive to make. The red one on the left is 2 placemats sewn together. The blue one and lady bug one are both one placemat folded and sewn together.

* I found the placemats (14" x 19") at Walmart for less than $2.00
* I bought the buttons at craft stores such as Joann, Michaels & Roberts Crafts
* Use scrap ribbon, appliques, buttons or other crafts you have around the house to make them extremely economical

I made the ladybug one for my niece for Christmas this year and I am using the other one for my own purse. The ladybug bag cost me $6 to make.


  1. Very nice! I am the world's least craft-y person, but I might have to try this. I'd likely need some help though. Would you be up to that?

  2. Absolutely! I can have a mini-class at the office any time you guys want me to. :)