Thursday, October 7, 2010

Taught a fun class tonight!

I was privileged to teach a meal planning class tonight to wonderful ladies in Orem!  I learned from them a couple fun things:

  • You can keep celery fresh in the fridge for a month!  Wrap it tightly in aluminum foil and keep in the refrigerator.  I am going to try this one out tomorrow!
  • I am going to call my leftover night that we have about once a week an "Iron Chef" night.  The kids take whatever ingredients and make their own meals.  That is a fun new term!
I hope the information I shared was valuable to them.  We discussed grocery shopping strategies, meal preparation strategies (freezer, slow cooker, pantry cooking) and how to create their very own Master Menu List and Master Shopping List.  It was a fun way to spend an hour!


  1. Lisa, I was at the class and just thought I would let you know that you really gave me some good ideas and you did a great job! Thanks for taking the time to teach us! :)
    -Shauna Cameron

  2. Your welcome Shauna. I hoped everyone else had as much fun as I did.