Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rough Days Ahead

Life with teenagers sure can be interesting.  Just when I thought things would slow down just a bit because my #1 headed to college, our #2 got injured when she was square dancing in Wyoming back in July and #3 15-year old got injured after being shot on the bridge of a space ship in September (yeah, you read that right).  Let's just say life is never dull in our home.  Oh, and #4 has now decided to start playing Lacrosse so I am just holding my breath on that one.

So now we have official diagnoses (right labrael hip tear #2, right knee meniscus tear #3) which involve surgeries to fix both children.  #2's surgery is on the 28th and #3's will be scheduled at our appointment this Thursday... I am looking towards the 2nd week of November to give me just a little breathing room but hey, if one is having surgery and down, why not 2?

This means I lose a driver for 4 weeks and with my husband working 40 minutes away from home now instead of 5 minutes (yea for a job, I am NOT complaining about that one) I will be extremely busy as taxi driver for physical therapy, doctor's appointments and just the normal errands.

TIME TO GET MORE ORGANIZED!  So, I really have to plan ahead for meals and shopping and all that is going to happen.  I am going to chronicle the events as they unfold so that hopefully others can learn from this experience.  I hope no one has the exact same experience (teenagers, surgery, pain does not for a happy family make) but maybe you will have experiences that you will need to be prepared for as well.

Day 1:  Saturday
Inventory Pantry & Plan menus through end of November 
Fry 8 pounds of hamburger to use in future meals
Make & freeze a lasagne for future dinner

Day 2: Sunday
Get caught up on clipping coupons

Wish me luck on this... we'll call it an adventure.

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