Friday, April 9, 2010

Software Tax Relief Sale!

Donna and I have been sharing our message of creating a Prepared Pantry for almost 5 years.  We have taught this message through classes, through our website, through our partner websites, at workshops, at fairs and shows and I am sure other places I can't remember.  We finally realized we needed to get the message out to more than just Utah, so we partnered with DVO Software (I grew up with the founder and owner Dan in Michigan) to get our message out in a format that many could use.

Our Preparedness for Life Software is step one to get your family and household organized and more prepared.  As I can personally testify, you never know when your life will get thrown a curve ball (still without a job after 9 weeks, and still have money in the bank).  Once your family has your Prepared Pantry, you might need more recipes to add and we sell DVO recipe software for that.  Then, you will want to start preparing your family with long-term supplies and the Food Storage Planner will help you accomplish that task.

All of this can be done by using software that we sell.  Go to our Amazon Store and purchase any of the software for only $10!  We are offering this through April 17th so don't delay.  We want to be a partner with your family in the preparedness plans.  After all, you NEVER know what tomorrow will bring.

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