Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Save Money on Meat

Some quick tips...
  • Stock up on Sales!
    • When there are great deals on extra-lean ground beef I always buy as much as my budget allows and then I portion the meat into 1 pound packages (I do a few 2 pound packs for some recipe convenience).  I then freeze the meat.
    • I do not usually precook my meat and then freeze it as sometimes I make meatballs and inevitably the time I want to make them, I don't have uncooked meat in the freezer.  Doing some of both (precooked and uncooked) will help too
  • Try Canned Meat
    • Some recipes will gear to canned meat well - like a Chicken Tortilla Soup - but others need fresh.  I would NOT buy in bulk on canned goods until you try them to see if your family will even eat it or else you will have wasted money
    • I would buy more smaller cans rather than fewer larger cans.  Again, meat will go to waste if you are not using it quickly once it is open.

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