Monday, January 16, 2012

Photos of Food Prep Day

Tonight's Dinner: Bacon, Cheese & Potato Chowder
Tuesday Night (made today because I have a busy day tomorrow): Quick & Easy Zesty Sausage Pasta

My favorite soup to put in freezer for a quick meal sometime: Chicken Gnocchi Soup!
Dinner sometime this week: Lasagne, ready and going in the freezer. 
  • I also chopped green onion, carrots, broccoli, celery and radishes that were used in some of the meals as well as ready for use in later recipes.
  • I would have had one more full meal (Shepherd's Pie) done and in the freezer but I don't have ANY mashed potatoes of any kind, nor regular potatoes.  I still put the meat mixture together with the beans on top and put that in the freezer.  I will pick those up sometime this week at the store.
  • Pork roast is ready to be marinated tomorrow so that it goes in the crock pot on Wednesday night.
Whew!  I'm beat, but ready for a busy week and no-stress meal time!!

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