Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Using Your Freezer to Save $

I use my freezer a couple of different ways.
  1. I will buy in bulk and freeze part of the product for use at a later time.  I will buy bulk ground beef and portion it into 2 pound packages for quick thawing and prepping later.  I used to do 1 pound packages but with 4 teenagers I do 2 pound packages now because they eat too dang much.  I also purchase bulk shredded cheese from Costco and portion them into smaller packages for use later.
  2. I will make double meals and freeze the second portion for dinner at a later time.  I did that with chicken pot pie and with lasagna the last time I made them.  It doesn't take twice as much time to prep, it is the exact same time and then I have a meal that I don't have to do any prep for later.

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