Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Surviving Job Loss

My husband was laid off 2 weeks ago.  The company had a reduction in force.  We were saddened and shocked that day as well as the few days following.  This week is looking very positive with many interviews, follow-up interviews and phone calls.  Faith tells me that we will be just fine.

So, I have been practicing what I preach the past two weeks.  I rearranged our Master Menu to include only foods I have on hand and not purchased any groceries for 2 weeks except for milk.  I have had enough paper goods, cleaning supplies and groceries in my prepared pantry to keep us in a great place.  Last night we splurged and bought Little Caesar's Pizza.  We have eaten out of our food storage & prepared pantry.  I can't believe how many meals I can make.  Luckily I have canned meat on hand as well and that has helped a lot.

Today I went to the grocery store for the first time since the layoff.  I had watched the sales, gathered my coupons and I spent $46 for at least 2 weeks worth groceries.  Here's the list from 2 stores:
  • Cheerios (.29!!)
  • Electrasol
  • Canned Beans (kidney & black)
  • 5 pounds Tillamook cheese
  • Eggs (had a buy 1 get 1 dozen free coupon)
  • Sour Cream
  • 4 1/2 pound lean ground beef
  • 4 loaves bread
  • A Pineapple
  • 6 pack soda
  • 9 pounds bananas
  • 2 boxes Rozini pasta
  • 2 gallons milk
  • 5 pounds oranges
  • Bacon
  • 5 bottles of pickles (.48! each)
  • 3 pounds apples
It helped that a new grocery store just opened (Riddley's) and they sent out coupons for free bacon, soda,  and a buy 1 get one free on a gallon of milk. 

I anticipate spending less than $50 a week on groceries for my family of 6 (4 teenagers) until he finds a job.  It can be done.  It takes planning and patience and practice, but by using those skills I have already acquired, we can do it! 


  1. That's amazing, Lisa! You are truly and inspiration!!! Love ya tons! - your sis

  2. You are an inspiration! Great job! May I ask where you found the cheerios for so cheap?

  3. The Chocolate Cheerios were on sale for $2.29 at Smiths. I had a $1.25 off coupon that I received from General Mills when they sent me a box a sample (http://pssst.generalmills.com/)and then I used the rewards coupon from Smiths for .75 off a box of cereal when you spend more than $2.00 on a box. It was a score of a deal!

  4. That is awesome! It's so great you are able to help out your husband in these difficult times by saving money on food! :)