Saturday, February 27, 2010

Shopping Update

I went to 2 stores today to pick up good deals...
1. Ridley's sent out coupons for free hot dogs & free french bread.  I also needed Secret Clinical Strength Sport deodorant (I don't want to stink) so I picked up that as well... had a $2.00 off coupon for it.  Spent $5.92 total.
2. Smith's had Land O'Frost lunchmeat on sale for $2.79 and I found $2.00 off coupons on the internet.  I spent $1.75.
So, since February 9th, I have spent $54.00.  I have my meals ready for the next 2 weeks and may have to buy milk, eggs, cheese, fruits and vegetables.

We have picked up quick meals while on the run (less than $10) and I had to purchase a shirt for my daughter for a school event (Kohl's, had 15% off coupon).  We are doing it!

I sure appreciate being prepared for this job loss event, though we are holding out hopes for good news this week.  My hubby had 5 interviews this week and has only gotten 1 "no thanks".

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