Friday, August 10, 2012

Its been WAY TOO LONG!

I haven't done much on this blog for the last several months.  Life takes over and as I am busy in other pursuits as well, I let this slide. 

Our family schematics changed this summer... my two college-aged daughters came home for the summer and that kept us all busy... I have two teenage sons as well.... and two beagles... yeah, it's been crazy at my house.

We went on a week-long Orlando vactation with my siblings and parents... that was fun and since my husband has kept the finances this last year, the trip was paid off the moment we got back and that included the $200 in Disney t-shirts we bought.  Can you say "rip off?"

I "work" with our state PTA for about 30 hours each week as a volunteer so that has kept me very busy. I also do mystery shopping which brings in some money and pays for some fun times at the movies.  It paid for Batman & Spiderman & The Avengers.  It's been a superhero summer.

Expenses changed this summer.  Our grocery bill skyrocketed but I did get more help preparing meals which was a huge blessing.  Once my girls leave it is back to me cooking a lot more.  I let my couponing slide as I was so busy I just did what I had to do to get by.  If I had been less busy outside of the home I would not have let dinner happen last night the way it did... Mandarin Chicken (SO YUMMY!) but NO RICE ANYWHERE!  We have had buckets and buckets of rice in our home and this summer - abracadabra - it is ALL GONE!  Thank heavens for Macey's grocery store and their case-lot sale this week.

Both girls have kitchens at college this fall so I am going shopping today to get them some staples to start the semester off right with.  They just have to promise me that they will use the money for groceries on fresh fruits and vegetables.  I need healthy children!

I have even backed off Bountiful Baskets the last two months as I am so tired that I haven't wanted to get up early on Saturdays to go pick them up.  But I start again this Saturday.  I'm looking forward to having some new fruit and vegetable options.

August 18, 2012 ... That is our 23 year anniversary and the day it goes back to four in my household.  Me and my homeboys.  Don't get me wrong, I love my daughters, but once they start leaving the nest, I am rather content with them roosting somewhere else permanently and coming home for visits.  Yes Mom, I totally understand what you have been saying all these years and now you will hear these words from me "You were right."

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