Sunday, August 15, 2010

Crock Pot Cooking

I really enjoy using my crock pot and so does my friend & business partner Donna.  This is what she posted on Facebook a few weeks ago:

I love my crockpot!!! I had a crazy day today and got home late.  But no worries, dinner had been cooking all day and all I had to do was serve it.  I did a huge pot roast (6 pounds) that I shredded for 3 different meals.  Tonight was Philly cheese steaks, then I'll do shredded beef tacos in a few days and french dip sandwiches a few days after that.

Donna's friend NiCole shared: I used my crockpot this week for bbq chicken drumsticks.  Put frosty drums in the pot with bbq sauce and chicken broth.   I cooked on high for 6 hours and they were good.  We also like sloppy joe mix and spaghetti sauce (with turkey sausage) that simmer all day and are ready at mealtime.

I would LOVE to hear more from those who use crock pots on a regular basis.  I found a recipe for crock pot Ziti that I am going to try this week when I am gone all day for PTA.  I'll share it with you once I know it actually turns out ok.  Lisa

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